What is SIG-BOOZE?

SIG-BOOZE can best be described by the following definition.  Please note the source here. Additional info on point 1 added by us.

SIG-booze, n., origin lost to intoxication:

  1. Special Interest Group – Booze! A happy hour put on by the DC ACM (local chapter of Association for Computing Machinery) to provide fuel to our volunteer efforts as we produce strategy, action items, and events for our group.  This is not to be confused with ACM’s technical SIGs.
  2. An Interprocessor Communications (IPC) signal that should be implemented in every O/S kernel. Semantics are left to the hardware driver for the Robotic Drinks Server. Expected behavior is that kill -beer <pid>
  3. A standing monthly gathering of systems administrators, past/present/future, and their ilk in Washington, DC. and other worldwide locations. These gathering consists of a friendly gathering of people who enjoy tasting/drinking and chatting about computers, life, and how to implement the SIG-booze into their systems. It started with a group of dc.sage sysadmins some time in 1997.

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