Computer Science Education Week 2014

Over five days, the DC ACM and DeVry University held free workshops offering individuals the experience of computer programming. We believe broadening access to computer skills is important and are very proud of the diversity our workshops drew. Our workshops were titled “Hour of Code” events to recognize the connection our local initiative held to the … More Computer Science Education Week 2014

DC Hour Of Code Event

DC ACM and DeVry University (DC Metro) Celebrates Computer Science Education Week! In honor of‘s Hour of Code and Computer Science Education Week, DC ACM is sponsoring DeVry University DC Metro’s Computer Science Education Week at their Arlington, Virginia campus. To celebrate, a free workshop is offered to the public each day of the … More DC Hour Of Code Event

Spotlight on DC ACM member and Vice-Chair Shahnaz Kamberi

As part of her dissertation research study, “Gam(h)er: How to Increase Girls’ Interest and Knowledge of Computer Science via a Gender Specific Educational Game with Two Dimensional and Three Dimensional Game Components”, Shahnaz Kamberi developed a 2D educational game prototype called Array[7] to teach Java Programming to girls ages 13 – 17 years. She also … More Spotlight on DC ACM member and Vice-Chair Shahnaz Kamberi

What is the DC ACM?

As the DC ACM embarks on another hopeful year, we find ourselves exploring new collaborative initiatives. The DC ACM is connecting with other organizations to create professional development opportunities for ACM members in the DC metro area. One common initial question asked of me as I introduce our community is “What is the DC ACM?” … More What is the DC ACM?

We Tweet

The DC ACM tweets! Follow us at @DCACM – we tweet technical articles, ACM info, women in tech news, and infomation regarding our DC ACM meetup events. Special thanks to @shahnazkamberi for leading our tweeting.

GeoGit and MapStory

Big Data, Cloud Computing, and virtual teams are all big trends in the field of computer science. That’s why GeoGit and MapStory are outstanding technologies worth a DC ACM tech talk. On Monday, 3/31, Dr. Chris Tucker, founder of MapStory, discussed various technologies used to help people tell stories through maps. These are no ordinary … More GeoGit and MapStory

Travelling Salesmen: Q&A with Director Timothy Lanzone

Computer science and math are two fields of study with common roots. Students of either inevitably come across a famous mathematical combinatorial problem referred to as “the travelling salesman problem,” and its associated theoretical problem “P vs. NP.” The Travelling Salesman is also an intellectual pulse-throbbing film written and directed by Timothy Lanzone.  The DC … More Travelling Salesmen: Q&A with Director Timothy Lanzone

Ask Me About My STEM Career

Within the United States, many communities are rallying to increase interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) among young people. The motivation to create more future professionals in the sciences is precipitated by hundreds of organizations expressing a need for more people to fill roles that require technical knowledge and scientific aptitude. The National … More Ask Me About My STEM Career