Operating Procedures



Contract of Partnership between the Washington DC Chapter of the Association of Computing Machinery and the District of Columbia Virtual Reality Group

For the Period of: May 2016 – November 2016

Purpose of Contract:

The Washington DC Chapter for the Association of Computing Machinery (DC ACM) will work with the independent District of Columbia Virtual Reality Group (DCVR) to grow their meetup presence in the DC area.

Contract Terms and Conditions:

The DC ACM will provide DCVR with $4,000 every 6 months to assure the success, quality, and continued growth of the DCVR organization.

The money provided by DC ACM is used to support DCVR meetups. Meetups are defined as public or invitation only meetings; 50 or more individuals meeting to discuss, present, or exhibit research, presentations, and demos, etc. pertaining to virtual or augmented reality.  DC ACM’s contribution may also be used to coordinate branding and outreach through merchandise (T-shirts, stickers, etc.) to help grow DCVR’s presence.

Funds provided by the DC ACM shall not be used to cover expenses unrelated to the operational and strategic expenses of the DCVR meetup group. Using DC ACM money for purposes other than operational and strategic expenses will result in this contract being voided, and may require further legal actions.

Formal Announcement of Partnership:

At the beginning of every meetup run by DCVR, DCVR organizers, founders, or masters of ceremony will announce that the event was supported by DC ACM; this announcement is made separately from announcements pertaining to advertisements, corporate endorsements, and recruiting, and must cover the following:

1) DC ACM is a subsidiary of the Association of Computing Machinery.

2) DC ACM is a non-profit committed to encouraging the growth of the computer sciences.

3) Membership in the DC ACM and/or its parent organization the Association of Computing Machinery is a way to connect to computer scientists, data scientists, and other likeminded tech enthusiasts and become involved in the world of computing.

DC ACM will also formally announce this partnership at local meetups and any national or international events coordinated by DC ACM and our parent organization; promoting DCVR events, meetups, and connecting DCVR to members of the ACM community looking to develop or enhance their exposure or their organizations involvement to virtual and augmented reality.

If DCVR organizers or founders wish to attend functions supported by the ACM nationally or internationally, DC ACM funds may be used to cover travel, lodging, and incidental expenses. All travel statements, invoices, and expenses are to be reported to the DC ACM chapter treasurer upon return to the Washington DC area.

Reporting and Accountability:

A representative from DCVR (Sean McBeth in the July 2016 – July 2017 cycle) is given a temporary (not to exceed 1 year without a vote) board position with the DC ACM as a Program Chair, it is this representative’s responsibility to brief the board members of the DC ACM on ALL happenings of the DCVR meetup group where DC ACM funds have been used and/or will be used.

The DC ACM’s payments of $4,000 every 6 months to DCVR shall not be increased without the direct authorization of the DC ACM board in a vote.

DCVR’s appointed representative to the DC ACM board will provide a monthly report on ALL activates conducted by the DCVR, this report must include the following:

  • Name of event and name of venue
  • Date and time of the meeting
  • Speaker and contact info
  • Names of companies that catered and provided services (copies of the invoices are required)
  • A cost breakdown of the branding and marketing needed to promote the event (T-shirts, stickers, gift bags, and speaker gifts etc.)

This spending report is required for every month of the contract period; and each month must be accounted for before the DC ACM board can authorize another transfer of funds to DCVR.

Contract Termination:

DC ACM and DCVR reserve the right to cancel this agreement at any time. Both DC ACM and DCVR may annul the contract if either party feels the contract no longer suits their strategic or operational needs. In the event that the terms of this contract are A) violated by either group, B) annulled by either group, or C) cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, before the 6 month window has elapsed, the remainder of DC ACM’s funds held by DCVR must be returned to DC ACM within 48 hours after the notice of cancellation has been issued by either party.

A vote is conducted every 6 months to determine the suitability of this contract; amendments and changes of conditions may be proposed during the bi-annual contract review sessions, and all suggestions are presented to voting members of the DC ACM board.


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