Announcing Candidates for the 2017-2018 Cycle

Greetings DC ACM followers!

Please read below for our list of 2017 election cycle candidates.

Voting in the election will close at 9:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 25. Members will be sent a link to vote via email by end of day Wednesday, June 21. Voting will be open from 12 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Sunday, June 25. If you do not receive an email with information on how to vote, contact Valerie at

Jessica Bell – Candidate for Chair

Professional Experience
I am currently a web developer for The Washington Post and have been working full time in technology since 2014. Before taking a web development bootcamp at General Assembly, I was working for The American Friends of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation as their Digital and Communications coordinator. After teaching myself web development I got a job with a local tech agency and fell in love with programming. I now also teach at General Assembly, am an active member of Women Who Code and Lesbians Who Tech, and help organize two local groups: DCFemTech and DC Tech Meetup. I am also in the process of producing a podcast called DC Tech Stories in which I interview local technologists and tech groups.

Position Statement
I am a self taught techie, and a person who was never interested in tech until I realized how creative, powerful, and amazing it is. I want to help other people be empowered by learning, understanding, and using technology in their careers, side hustles, and lives. As we bring more people into being technical workers, it is important for us to have a diverse range of backgrounds, opinions, and identities to make our field strong and innovative. With this role, I hope to help support the groups on the ground teaching, training, and creating community for the next generation of technologists. Part of that is connecting the wide range of resources and experts already a part of the ACM, with these efforts and groups.

Anita Hall– Candidate for Vice Chair

Professional Experience
My career in the technology field began 6 years ago at Clearly Innovative Inc. I began small doing UX/XI and requirement documents and eventually began an apprenticeship working directly under the CEO Aaron Saunders a developer of 30 years. Throughout my apprenticeship I worked on several small-scale projects before moving up and got the opportunity to work on a few large-scale projects including the mobile application for the National African American Museum of History and Culture. While at Clearly Innovative I also helped bootstrap a tech education company Luma-Lab which focused its efforts on underserved communities. I did the logistics for the events and the class schedules. Additionally, I taught HTML/CSS and JavaScript classes to Middle and High School students and eventually began teaching adult workshops. I also volunteer as a mentorship lead for Women Who Code DC. I work now as a Developer on the Native Applications team at The Washington Post.

Position Statement
I would like to help diversify membership and attendance to DC ACM events. I have strong ties to the tech community in DC as well as connections to organizations who I believe could benefit from partnerships with DC ACM. I also have a close connection to the minority tech groups and tech education programs in the DC area. I would like to help strengthen DC ACM’s connection to the community with new perspectives and initiatives. I want to help keep DC ACM inclusive and a safe learning space for all, specifically women and underrepresented groups. I’d also like to help provide advocacy and career mentorship to those who need it.

Misty Melton – Candidate for Treasurer

Shana Glenzer – Candidate for DCFemTech Program Chair

Professional Experience

Shana is CMO at Crowdskout, a CRM and data management platform built for advocacy. She is also heavily involved in the DC Tech community as co-organizer of DC Tech Meetup, cofounder of DCFemTech, on DC advisory board of The Vinetta Project, & founding board member of BEACON. With over a decade of work at various tech companies–including Blackboard and SocialRadar–Shana has also become a go-to technology commentator for national television networks.

Position Statement
The DC area is full of talented women in technology and those who aspire to get started in it. I’m committed to helping those women find the community and resources they need to grow their career or dive into tech for the first time–by collaborating with the hardworking women in tech organizations that already exist to further that exact mission. As a collective, DCFemTech offer events throughout the year to encourage and celebrate the amazing women who build the future through technical and design positions here in DC.