Announcing Candidates for the 2016-2017 Cycle

Greetings DC ACM followers!

Please read below for our list of 2016 election cycle candidates.

We’ll be voting in the new board on Sunday (July 3rd) at 9:30 PM ET in this meeting room:

*Anyone can attend this election but only members can vote!

Do you have an interest in creating some local Computer Science community activity by joining our board or our organizer team? Contact Andrew Conklin,, for details.

Valerie Woolard – Candidate for Chair


  • M.S., Computer Science, The University of Chicago
  • B.A., Cognitive Science, University of California, Berkeley
  • B.A., French, University of California, Berkeley

Professional Experience

I have worked in the technology industry since 2011. I spent two years as an associate at Google before returning to school to obtain a master’s degree in computer science. I graduated in 2014, and I have worked as a software engineer since then. Additionally, I have taught programming classes through Girl Develop It, and I lead the Women Who Code DC algorithms meetup.

Position Statement

I want to bring diverse voices into the technology industry. I hope to provide resources for people of all ages and backgrounds to pursue interests and careers in technology. I believe it’s important not only to encourage young people to study computer science, but also to support and develop the careers of people who are already in the field through mentorship, networking, and learning opportunities.


Victoria Battista – Candidate for Vice Chair

Profile Photo


  • Masters of Arts in Applied Economics      Johns Hopkins University 2008-2012
  • Bachelors of Arts in Mathematics              Indiana University 2000-2006
  • Bachelors of Arts in Economics                  Indiana University 2000-2006
  • Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting             Indiana University 2000-2006

Professional Experience

Victoria Battista is a senior research economist at the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the Division of Current Employment Statistics, whose monthly release of establishment data is one of the seven Principle Federal Economic Indicators. Victoria has played an instrumental role in leading the CES benchmarking process that realigns the estimated employment, hours, and earnings data from the survey with universe data gleaned from unemployment insurance tax records of businesses. In addition to benchmarking the CES estimates, Victoria has designed, conducted, and presented original research about modeling business openings and closings that are not included in the initial sample frame for the Current Employment Statistics survey. In these roles, Victoria has become an expert in manipulating datasets in SAS and SAS/Intrnet, and proficient in both HTML and javascript. Her experience in understanding and presenting data to others using these tools afforded her the opportunity for a four month detail as the Assistant Press Officer of the BLS, a role in which she had direct interaction with the media and other organizations including DC ACM in an effort to explain and disseminate BLS statistics to a wider audience. Her interests include the intersection of art and science, economic policy and jobs, and better ways to present statistics in order to reach those who are not mathematically inclined.

Position Statement

I’ve come to DC ACM with less of a back ground in coding and more of a wide breath of knowledge and interests that have the potential to show how computing and data have reach tendrils into all aspects of our world and culture. I have strong ties to the biological and space sciences, economic and political organizations, music and artist communities, and other social groups in DC that I hope to harness for Meetups and events that spark the creativity of the coding colossuses and catch the interest of the not yet initiated coders-to-be. I would like to play a role in making DC ACM a community of people who are good at a lot, great at a little, and constantly interested in learning more.

Anthony Clark – Candidate for Treasurer



  • B.A. International Studies, American University (2012-2015)
  • M.S. Analytics, American University (2015-Present)

Professional Experience

I have a passion for technology and its applications in government and international security. I have worked with a number of federal agencies as a student intern – helping them modernize technology and better use data analytics to track performance and engage in outreach; as a new graduate I am always looking for new opportunities to meet other professionals driven by a passion for technology and a drive to make their communities, local and global, a better place through technology and data. In addition to my role with the DC chapter of ACM, I also help organize Data Visualization DC, a non-profit, dedicated to promoting data science and data visualization in the DC area.

Position Statement

As treasurer of DC ACM, I am dedicated to creating a diverse array of partnerships with likeminded groups, maker spaces, and tech enthusiast, who want to make the Washington D.C. metropolitan area a technology and innovation hot spot, with support at the local and national level, my goals as treasurer are to build bonds, innovate new professional outreach efforts, and build a new and sustainable framework for ACM in Washington D.C. – getting new ideas, new members, and new partners – while keeping the same high standards of excellence the ACM brand has stood for over the last fifty years.

Sean T. McBeth – our VR Program Chair



B.S., Computer Science, Shippensburg University (2005), Upsilon Pi Epsilon, ACM Student Chapter President (2003 – 2005)

Professional Experience

The last 15 years of Sean’s career in software consulting has seen him through managing, designing, and developing multiple database applications for desktop and web, covering workforce automation, data analytics, IoT, GIS, numeric and 3D simulation, and machine vision. He is now Lead VR Engineer at NotionTheory, where he develops Primrose VR, a free, open-source framework for building VR applications in web browsers.

Position Statement

The Washington DC Metropolitan Area has been a quiet world-leader in Virtual Reality research and development for decades. I want to call attention to this history, through collaborations with the DC Virtual Reality Meetup Group, as a launchpad to encourage aspiring VR developers of all backgrounds to pursue this highly technical field. We will run a series of meetups that alternate between informational seminars featuring local VR experts and instructive lab sessions where algorithms, techniques, and technologies in VR can be addressed in detail.