All Women in Tech and Latino Tech Community brings Inclusion to DC

On June 15th at Social Driver in DC, a very important conversation was had. Inclusion DC is a tech event that brings together all races, ethnicity, ages and genders for an in-person Twitter chat facilitated in part by student entrepreneurs. All Women in Tech (@witcampaign), the company behind The Women in Tech Campaign, and the Latino Tech Community (@latin_tech), a local group that empowers Latinos pursuing tech careers, partnered to bring this event to life in Washington, D.C.

Over 70 people came together to discuss inclusion in the tech industry. The event had over 10 community partners and there were global representation of participants from Latin America to the US to Africa.


The group discussed a series of questions on diversity and tech:

  • Question 1: Why do you think diversity is important in tech/STEM?
  • Question 2: Where have you seen diversity and inclusion in tech/STEM? Do you have any specific examples?
  • Question 3: Where have you seen a lack of diversity and inclusion in tech/STEM?
  • Question 4: Why does diversity and inclusion matter in the DMV area?
  • Question 5: How can we encourage more people, of all ages and cultural backgrounds, to get involved in technology and STEM? Have you seen anything that has been successful so far?
  • Question 6: How do you think we can keep diverse groups engaged and working well together?  What types of incentives should be provided?

and you can view high level comments from attendees here.

DC ACM is proud to be part of this movement and we hope to bring more diversity to the tech industry. Here are some pictures from the event for your enjoyment. We hope to see you in the next discussion!