ACM-DC Webinar “Designing More Flexible Multithreaded Control Software”

Watch the Washington DC chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery’s latest webinar presentation! The DC ACM webinars were created for members, who for many reasons can’t make our face-to-face events, but would still love to participate in our organization. Another reason for the remote meetings is for distinguished speakers who we would love to hear from but are based outside of Washington DC. One such speaker who presented on June 6th 2016 was Dr. Bo Sanden.

Dr. Bo Sanden:


Dr. Bo Sandén received a master of science in Engineering Physics from Lund Institute of Technology in 1970 and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in 1978. From 1971 until 1986 he held positions as a software developer with UNIVAC and Philips Electronics in Sweden, maintaining and designing multithreaded software. From 1986-87 he was a Visiting Associate Professor in the pioneering software-engineering program at the Wang Institute. As an Associate Professor at George Mason University, he helped create a master’s program in software systems engineering. Since 1996 he is a Professor of Computer Science at Colorado Technical University in Colorado Springs, where he has taught at all levels and now teaches a doctoral course on concurrent and distributed systems based on his book “Design of multithreaded software: The entity-life modeling approach.” He also directs student research in the Doctor of Computer Science program. Dr. Sandén is the inventor of entity-life modeling, and he is a senior member of ACM and a member of the IEEE Computer Society.

Our esteemed speaker gave a very interactive and informative presentation on his research “Designing More Flexible Multithreaded Control Software”.

This presentation is not to be missed! Please enjoy the webinar in its entirety below. If you like it make sure to subscribe to our channel and like and leave comments on our video.

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-Dr. Shahnaz Kamberi, Chair