DC Hour Of Code Event

DC ACM and DeVry University (DC Metro) Celebrates Computer Science Education Week!

In honor of code.org‘s Hour of Code and Computer Science Education Week, DC ACM is sponsoring DeVry University DC Metro’s Computer Science Education Week at their Arlington, Virginia campus.

To celebrate, a free workshop is offered to the public each day of the week December 8th through 12th from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM.

Finding out more about and register for one of the free workshops through eventbrite: https://devrycsweek.eventbrite.com

We welcome all adults interested in coding. This includes individuals who wish to tinker out of intellectual interest as well as adults who are considering computer programming bachelors degrees. Monday – Thursday’s events are all ages, Friday is for teens only.

Hashtags associated with this event: #devrycsweek #dcacm #hourofcode #csedweek