Congratulations to New ACM Fellow Simson Garfinkel

The Association for Computing Machinery recently published a list of ACM members who became ACM Fellows in 2012.   On that list, you will see our upcoming event speaker, Dr. Simson Garfinkel.

We congratulate Dr. Garfinkel on his impressive contributions to ACM’s mission, most specifically in digital forensics and computer security education.   Please join us for his upcoming talk on Jan 7 at Google DC, RSVP here.

For more on what it means to be an ACM Fellow, here is an excerpt from ACM’s President, Vint Cerf:

“These men and women are advancing the art and science of computing with enormous impacts for how we live and work. The impact of their contributions highlights the role of computing in creating advances that range from commonplace applications to extraordinary breakthroughs, and from the theoretical to the practical.  Some recipients have also helped to broaden participation in computing, particularly among underrepresented groups, and to expand its impact across multiple disciplines.”

Congratulations again to Dr. Garfinkel for being a part of this short list of prestigious leaders.

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