DC ACM Executive Board Meeting Minutes and Second Strategy Session – October 10, 2012

DC ACM Board Meeting Minutes, including Strategy Session 2        

October 10, 2012

7:00 PM @ Dupont Circle Business Incubator (DCBI)

Present:  Andrew, Lougenia, Howie; James (via teleconference)

Absent: Gene, Eric, Matt, Simson

Others Present: Roger Fujii

Correction to last month’s minutes: The January speaker is Dr. Simson Garfinkel.


  • Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by Chair
  • Review of prior EC reports
    • Chair report – Approved (standard)
    • Vice Chair report – Approved
    • Treasurer’s report – Approved
    • Secretary’s report
      • Minutes from September approved (verbal).
  • Current Reports
    • Treasurer (James)
      • Establishment of PayPal account – Completed
      • Change of Address submission – Completed
      • Chair (Andrew)
        • PayPal: We need to put a donation link on the main DCACM web site (had one once)
        • Nite Owls: 100-person milestone & 1-year anniversary
        • DCACM MeetUp page: lost 1 member, due to recent reduction in lectures
        • Old PO Box will be closed out and keys returned this month.
      • Secretary (Howie)
        • Reported on prior session (Strategic Goals/Objectives 1)
        • Continuing to work on earlier meeting minutes
      • Treasurer’s Report [moved from end of meeting, for continuity/readability/flow]
        • Budget: Make 1 change for fee at DCBI (Googledocs –>Management –>Budget).
        • Bylaws: Changed from 5 committees to 2.
        • Summary of analysis of costs for mail and space
          • Previous cost of meeting room: $1,000.
          • DCBI replaces Post Office Box and old meeting space ($300/year or $25/month).
          • Only budgeted for ½ actual costs of storage unit for year; need to wrap up soon/ASAP/Now!
          • No changes due on budget for past 2-3 months.

* Subcommittee Reports –

  • Communications Chair (Lougenia)
    • Spoke to a potential CompuTopics columnist–No show! (good resume, but maybe overqualified [CEO/COO experience])
      • Volunteer Match –Feeds the web-site” feed”
      • Idealist.org (had much more responsibility).
      • Communications Chair’s Perspectives on Strategic Objectives
        • Re: Civic Participation
          • Lougenia thinks this could be really important.

…[Andrew will talk to Carter about obtaining a projector.]

  • Professional Development (PD) Chair (Gene)
    • If the emphasis is on professionalism, focus on education; but if it is about membership, call it “membership.”
    • Teaching/Building future technologists makes us well-rounded.
    • [Suggested watchword for] PD: Continuing Education for Professionals.
    • Last Seminar: Android & I-Phone Development.

Communication with Chair: chair@dcacm.org or aconklin@dcacm.org –All of this dcacm e-mail gets forwarded to Andrew’s gmail account (aconklin@gmail.com).

  • Universities & Schools
    • Coordinate conference or seminar
    • Focus on individual.
    • Communities of Practice
      • Co-working groups
      • Classes/lectures (emphasis on connecting with community groups)
      • Civic Participation
        • Relationships with schools
        • Regularly occurring events
        • “Giving back!”
        • Teaching the underprivileged to program computers (Example: Data Science).  [Someone noted that “CodeNow” already does that.]

[James presenting, via remote telecommunications]:

Governing Rules –Strategic Objectives –Rewrite

1st step=Discovery

Spreadsheets on Communities of Practice (COPs) & Civic Participation (CP).

[Lougenia thought it would be interesting to see/hear what Gene had in mind.]

Need participation in technology realm.

Board agreed that it needs to be clearer what “Communities of Practice” means.

COP Concept

ACM very wide in scope.

Question: How do we build relationships with smaller groups?

Some people do a great job of “marketing out”

DCACM acting as a facilitator? Partly, but focus is on events.

Andrew remarked, “Partnering” is a loose term. [We want to] reach out to other groups.

A brief discussion ensued. Mentioned were Social Net working/Visualization (interested, promoted a little, but had own event on conflicting night); Potential partnership; producing an event; benefiting marketing from fallout.

“Whatever topic is decided on, we have to make it open to multiple groups so that partnering is effective.”

Andrew asked if we should unbundle the strategic objectives, but the consensus was, “No, we should stick with these 3 basic strategic objectives.”

We have targeted 3 areas of interest: Professional Development, Civic Participation, and Communities of Practice.

[“Communities of Practice” is a standard term (more discussion-based).]

Roger asked if this should be 1-year or multi-year, and Andrew suggested that we look ahead about 2 years.

Then the session wound up with a summary of what Communities of Practice should involve (producing events and projects that grow and unite peer groups around a specific [area]); and the interrelationship of the Vision, Mission, Strategic Objectives, and Committees to carry out the detail-level organizational goals.


  • Action taken: Revised wording acceptance by Board.
  • Motion to approve the changes was passed unanimously.
  • Andrew will create a draft of the approved changes, e-mail to Board, and instigate response.
  • Possible agenda for upcoming meetings: Late October or early November lecture?
  • Assignments that board members have taken on:
    • Board: Check with Monica on venue and speaker leads.
    • Andrew has a lead on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), but there are potential security issues (badging, etc.).

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM, EDT.

Minutes submitted by Howie Harrell