DC ACM Executive Board Meeting Minutes and First Strategy Session – September, 24, 2012

Notes from 1st 2012 DC-ACM Strategy Meeting on Monday, September 24, 2012

Chair’s Report (Andrew)
Possible venues for the next few meetings:
• October – Dupont Circle Business Incubator (DCBI)
• November – Forensics
• December – ?

Introduction of Simpson Garfield, Member-at-Large

Night Owls – Up to 546 members so far
Latest Venue: B Spot Art Gallery & Framing / Coffee Shop
Normally closes at 7:00, but stayed open til 2:00 AM for Night Owls.

Vice-Chair’s Report (Gene)
Speakers’ Spreadsheet is available.
Monica working on new leads spreadsheet.

Secretary’s Report (Howie)
Working on official minutes and notes for last few meetings.
Will be working on mail-forwarding and close-out of old Post Office box/account.
Permanent Change of Address will be required.

Treasurer’s Report (James)
Reported on cash on hand. Submitted official report.
Change of address to Dupont Circle Business Incubator facility.
Issues with PayPal? (Something…about…ITN?)

Monica – Spreadsheet is in progress.

Communications Report (Lougenia)
Computopics is being published online.


Andrew presented the briefing 2010-2011_Strategy_MidYearReview.


Putting events out…

Wording of mission statement was discussed and organizational goals
… “Professional”…”Broader Communities”…or “Society?”
Some proposed descriptors: Competent, Ethical, Advancing…
“Ethics and excellence through encouraging professionals…”

Vision Statement was two years old. Suggestions were taken for revised vision statement.
“Our vision is a world where…” (See other chapter web locations for detailed statements.)

Membership [leads to] –> Civic Participation

Awards reinforce volunteer spirit and community involvement (e.g., High School Science Fairs, sometimes leading to National or local chapter memberships)

Follow-on meeting will be held on October 10th at DCBI.