DC ACM Executive Board Annual Budget Meeting Minutes – August 27, 2012

DC ACM  Executive Board Meeting Minutes: August 27, 2012

7:00 PM @ Radio Free Asia (RFA)

Present:         Andrew Conklin, Chair

Gene Lloyd, Vice-Chair

James Imanian, Treasurer

Howie Harrell, Secretary

Lougenia Bailey, Communications Committee Chair

Eric Noriega, Professional Development Committee Chair

Simson Garfinkel, Member-at-Large

Isaac Christofferson, Immediate Past Chair


Others Present:

Roger Fujii



*      Meeting called to order at 7:00 by chair

  • Possible new meeting and/or event locations:
    • Turned down by Google-DC >Keep trying
    • Data DC has a larger-sized venue >Might try them also
  • Organizers:       Andrew has placed a few strategic links.
    • 100+ people + couple of experts
    • Tech/non-tech behind the Shield Act
  • Warning: Be aware of potential “patent trolls”
  • Happy Hour with ACM Public Policy person(s)?
  • DC Nite Owls: > 500 people signed up
  • ACM has 95 people on MeetUp
  • Gene identified Dr. Arun Sood as confirmed to speak on September 5th
    • Dr. Sood will discuss self-cleaning and intrusion tolerance issues
    • The above topic involves virtual boxes
  • Feeding DC Tech Events


Record materials

Noted that some of the material is difficult to digitize

We want to keep journals

Nothing newer than about seven years

2 File Cabinets: A scrap metal dealer might want to take these off our hands

It is now down to two shelves of boxes, and an overhead projector.

Post Office Box:

Dupont Circle Business Incubator (DCBI) will be the location for Executive Council meetings beginning in October 2012; DCBI could also provide a permanent address

* Annual Budget Report –

$180 under Mailing & Postage, for the old PO Box

Office Supplies, listed under Programs

Membership Dues

$1,250 budget last year

Expenses were $1,600; Income, $900

$700 can now be eliminated, for Storage

Ideas: Reach out to other [groups]: Conferences, Raffles [at events/meetings], etc.

Brief rehash of Communities of Practice, Professional Development, and Civic Participation

General [budgetary/financial] concerns:

$1,000 bank fees

Event Brite and Google Checkout – Take 5-10% in fees

What about new local startup, Eventster?

There is no regulatory limit on expenses; but if we make too much income, it must be reported to ACM National.

Near future:

Strategic Objectives meeting? Vision, etc.?

  • Any action taken:

Future Business:

Post Office Box will be closed out

Disposition of storage lot to be completed within a few months

  • Conversations that were tabled until next time
    • MOTION to table discussion of Strategic Objectives

Seconded and passed unanimously.

* Meeting adjourned at 8:20.

Minutes submitted by Howie Harrell