Review: Knowledge Discovery: Analysis of Organizational Social Capital

On Monday, July 23, DC ACM hosted the presentation “Knowledge Discovery: Analysis of Organizational Social Capital” by Bennett Resnik, a consultant in the field of Cyber-anthropology, at Radio Free Asia in Washington, DC.

During the presentation, Resnik explained the process of visualizing a network, which included showing a graph of the tweets that were broadcast from Tahrir Square during the 2011 Egyptian revolution (click here for more).  Additionally, he explained the process of Organizational Mapping (generating graphical representations of informal communication channels within an organization) and Network Weaving (actively connecting the fragmented members of a network).

Resnik also discussed useful tools for visualizing social networks including LinkedIn’s InMaps, Microsoft’s NodeXL, and an open source tool, GEPHI.  Additional topics included measuring trust during the process of mapping an organization, the use of InFlow in the industry, and additional reading materials on the topic by Valdis Krebs and Maggie Grant.

While graph theory and the like aren’t exactly my forte, I did find Organizational Mapping interesting.   The process of identifying the weakest or most disconnected portions of a network, analyzing their connections to the network as a whole, and finding ways to bring those fragments back into the fold through Network Weaving is definitely intriguing.  Either that or I enjoyed the pretty pictures.

Additional information on this topic can be found on Resnik’s blog.