DC ACM Executive Board Meeting Minutes – June 25, 2012


Board Meeting Minutes: June 25, 2012

7:00 PM

Andrew Conklin
Gene Lloyd
James Imanian
Howie Harrell
Simson Garfinkel

Others Present:
Isaac Christofferson
Lougenia Bailey
Matt Piekarszyk

* Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM
* News & Reports –
The following officers were elected
Chair = Andrew Conklin
Co-Chair = Gene Lloyd
Treasurer = James Imanian
Secretary = Howie Harrell
Member-at-Large = Simson Garfinkel

Brief discussion of the ACM membership classes followed.
* New business
No Executive Board meeting next month (Speaker instead)

Nite Owls:
Working on sponsorship arrangement
Expense – $200 for food @ DC Nite Owls
Event about “Co-working group” [“angel” funders]
(They usually do their own “events”)
Affinity Lab’s incubator was mentioned.
A start-up weekend was discussed
Isaac Christofferson said that every event should consider self-funding.
• Andrew went over how the chapter was established in the 1950s. (Different scene through the 80s/90s)
• Examples of aspects of DCACM life have included:
o Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
o University partners
o Communities of Practice
* Some immature
* Others more mature

Data Groups; Knowledge/Discovery
Ex.: Speech technology (Python language, UNIX platform)
Open question: How can we partner with [other communities/groups]?
Remark: DC Nite Owls might want to go on their own in a year or so.
Examples of other groups’/communities’ experiences, and related discussions:
HackDC had fallen apart, now back together.
Brief mention of Northern Virginia / Ashburn, VA
* Meeting adjourned at 8:30.

Minutes submitted by Howie Harrell