DC ACM: Meeting Minutes 2012-01-23

Executive Council Meeting (7:00 pm – 8:00 pm)
Council attendees –
⁃    Eric Noriega
⁃    Ken Spokas
⁃    Isaac Christoffersen
⁃    Andrew Conklin


• Prior meeting minutes approval (PPD)

• Reports from the Officers

⁃ Chair

⁃ Overview of last year’s adopted strategy for the benefit of new attendees.

⁃ Nominations Committee

⁃ Elections are coming up. The elections committee will be formed by next meeting.

⁃ Vice Chair

⁃ Volunteer Recruitment

⁃ New volunteer postings

⁃ Secretary

⁃ Nothing to report

⁃ Treasurer

⁃ Mid-year budget review

⁃ No adjustments. Need to focus on revenue generating activities (Professional Development workshop)

⁃ Member-At-Large

⁃ Nothing to report

• Reports from the Committees

⁃ Programs

⁃ Resume Workshop – 1st week of March, RFA

⁃ Eric will contact Harry to check on room availability

⁃ Robert Neelbauer can coordinate resume consultants

⁃ Lecture Series – 3 events, 1 coordinator

⁃ Wikipedia mirroring lecture

⁃ Need to set a date. Kent Miller to present on his work regarding mirroring Wikipedia.

⁃ Distinguished Speaker Program

⁃ dsp.acm.org – a resource of speakers provided by ACM that can be used for lectures

⁃ Professional Development Seminar

⁃ GWU spring break week of 12 Mar

⁃ Target for the first week

⁃ Technical Focus Committee – Technology Startups

⁃ DC ACM supports NightOwls as part of a Technical Focus Committee on area technology startups


• New Business

⁃ Membership Benefits Discussion

⁃ Discussion on the value-add that Robert Neelbauer’s product can bring to the benefit of the membership

⁃ DC Tech transportation visual map

⁃ Andrew would like to start a project that compiles various data mappings about area technology. Details will be on the project page of the dcacm.org web-site. Volunteers welcome and encouraged