LTE: Code4Country Codeathon, Sept 24th and 25th at AU

Dear DC ACM Chapter,

I am writing to pass on the news about an event that might be of interest to some DC ACM members. It is called Code4Country, a codeathon taking place on September 24/25 simultaneously in Moscow and Washington D.C. (at American University) focusing on using open source technologies and open data to address transparency challenges in the U.S. and Russia. It is basically tech-meets-international affairs in one marathon weekend with the intent to make information more accessible to American and Russian citizens using technology. We want to extend a particular invitation to your members to come out and participate, create some software, win some prizes and build some bridges between the U.S. and Russia. You can see some press coverage about Code4Country and a short blurb about the event below. For more info, check out Please spread the word and hope to see some of you there!

Best regards,

A Call for Programmers

Coders, mark your calendars! On September 24th and 25th an unprecedented event is taking place: a codeathon bringing together programmers and software engineers from both the U.S. and Russia to address challenges of openness, transparency and accountability in both countries.

Code4Country is the first event of its kind — a technology-meets-international-affairs marathon convened within the framework of activities of the Bilateral Presidential Commission and with support from civil society and the tech community. Code4Country is about ordinary citizens working together across borders, and building bridges between the U.S. and Russia by addressing common challenges.

Programmers, designers, engineers, techies, activists and digital diplomats to come out to American University on September 24th and 25th. Bring a team, or join one on the spot. Work with coders in D.C. and in Moscow to brainstorm, code, mash up data and win prizes for apps that promote openness and make data accessible to your community. Register at

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