DC ACM: Meeting Minutes 2011-03-28

DC ACM Volunteer and Board Meeting
Radio Free Asia

Board members attending: Isaac Christoffersen, Eric Noriega, Andrew Conklin, Kent Miller, George Romas
Members attending: Roger Fujii, Ingrid Mihai
Non-members observing: None
The meeting was called to order by Chair Isaac at 8:05pm
1.     Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the board meetings on  2/28/11 were approved as posted.
2.     Reports of the Officers

  • ACM HQ published guidance recently on Chapter Newsletters.  If EC members have not seen this the Chair will resend it.
  • No comments have been received on the Deck sent out last month.  It is assumed then that these will be our goals and objectives for the coming months.  These will be finalized and sent out the membership.
  • As a heads up, DC ACM members who have been uploaded to ACM’s Chapter Roster and are not ACM members are apparently being offered discounted memberships to join the parent organization, ACM.  The DC Chapter has no details on this, but an inquiry from a current DC ACM member regarding this was received by the Chair. 

Vice Chair

Nothing to report.

See attached report.


Nothing to report.

Member At Large

See attached report.

 3.     Reports from the Standing Committees

Andrew reported that CompuTopics will no longer be a monthly PDF newsletter, but will instead be an online reporting blog.  The main areas of focus will be on chapter news, local tech events, reviews on publications and events, as well as info on technical user groups in the area.  

The new emphasis will be on individual emails to members via CiviCRM with less usage of the Google Group mailing lists, attendee emails via Eventbrite, and subscriber emails / RSS feeds via the CompuTopics blog.
Nothing to report.

Nothing to report.

Professional Development

Eric reported that he wanted to focus on the web for the next Professional Development Seminar.


Nothing to report. 

4.     Reports from the Ad-Hoc Committees

Nothing to report. 
Kent will send an email opening up nominations to Communications Chair for review and submission to the membership.

5.     Unfinished Business

The letter was not sent to Rebecca, the meeting with Rebecca has been delayed.

6.     New Business


Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM